Spam Is Dead For SEO

Spamdexing is originated from the word spam and indexing which indicates the practice of search engine through spamming. It is a process of SEO spamming. By SEO, we mean, Search Engine Optimization, which is the art of having your business or organization website attractive, optimized for major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing for optimal indexing. Spamdexing is called the practice of creating websites that would be indexed at a very position when searched through search engines obviously illegally. Often this process is used to manipulate and try a search engine’s understanding of categories.

The primary objective of a web designer is to design a web page that will get a favorable ranking in the renowned search engines’ they also make their pages with the accordance with the general standard that they believe will help; spamdexing is one of them. Algorithms are used by the search engines to rank a website in a notable position based on the keywords and categories the particular site is relevant to. Some of the search engines search by the Meta Tag method whereas the others search simply by the keywords in the URL or content of the website. There are numerous ways of spamdexing a site. They are methods like superfluous backlinks which mean linking top positioned pages and creating spam content. 

Spamdexing became a significant problem in the 90s, and it damaged the internet a lot. Search engines became totally useless as they were being used by the SEO experts and spamdexing utterly destroyed these search engines. But Google came to help the people who were falling prey to the spamdexing; Google changed the whole scene. Many search engines nowadays can detect spam contents and spamdexing for which spamming for SEO does not help to position the website to a higher position. For this reason, spam for SEO is gradually decreasing.

As Google is now informed of the fact of spamdexing so, they are taking measures to make their search spam free. Other search engines are also coming with necessary steps to minimize the spam in their site. For this reason, the spam for SEO is gradually decreasing and almost at the near point of death.


A Little About SEO And SEO Companies

SEO is a very common term in the present time. People are quite aware of its knowhow and importance. However if you are a new comer to this world then you will surely find it confusing. The only reason behind it is that the concept is complex indeed. However, the basic idea of SEO is pretty simple. You do not have to tear the strands of your hair for understanding the concept of SEO. It can be explained simply. Basically SEO concept is similar to that of marketing. You cannot separate these two terms once you know the concept.

About SEO

Now the question is what is SEO at all? SEO is the abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization that is solely done to generate more traffic to the website. This is very important for any business that is running online. SEO is the process or system by which huge numbers of traffic are generated to the website by keeping the website to the topmost preference in the Google search engine. This is done to generate more sales and success in business. So this is the simple concept of SEO which can give you a good idea about it. You can now dream of success with this efficient technology.


Is It Simple?

Now the question is “is it really easy to achieve high SEO rating for your website?” Well this question is very common and the answer is “no it is not that simple”. One thing that you must remember that it is not that simple to generate more traffic by dealing with keyword density. It takes a long process to get success in this process. For your SEO service, you can consult the SEO agencies or service providers. SEO agencies can give you the right process of dealing with SEO systems because they specialize in it.

Factors To Remember

Before choosing your SEO firm, you must make sure of few factors, which are important to note. Do not make haste in choosing your SEO firm. You must take your time out and consider few factors before choosing. Some of the important factors are discussed below which you must consider before choosing your SEO company:

  • Experience: The first thing that you must consider is the experience factor. Make sure whether the company is well experienced in its field or not. Only experienced companies can give you assured services.


  • Authentication: Before choosing your SEO company you must make sure that, it is a certified and authentic company. Do not miss this factor if you need a good and reliable service.


  • Price: This is one of the most important factors that you must not fail to consider. Tale extra note about the price factor. Make sure the amount of money is reasonable and affordable.

Choose Rightly

So by now you must have got most of your doubts cleared regarding SEO. Now you can go for more details and choose the best options for your purpose. So go ahead and choose the right options for you.